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Welcome to IDSC 2023

The Pinnacle Of Digital Signage Experts: A Global Gathering
Changing the Landscape of Advertising:
Introducing In Saudi Arabia's First and Largest Digital Signage Conference

19th - 20th December, 2023
Riyadh International Convention & Conference Centre

About International Digital Signage Conference 2023

Organizing an International Digital Signage Conference in Riyadh holds immense significance due to its position as a burgeoning hub of technological innovation and economic growth in the Middle East. The conference serves as a vital platform for industry leaders, innovators, and businesses to tap into the expanding regional market, exchange knowledge, and establish valuable partnerships.

The city is at the forefront of embracing digital innovations, making it an ideal location for your International Digital Signage Conference. With its strategic geographical location and a government committed to promoting a knowledge-based economy,

It not only showcases cutting-edge digital signage technologies but also catalyzes economic growth and fosters global collaboration, reinforcing Riyadh's role as a center of technological transformation and thought leadership in the digital signage industry.

Why Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Digital Signage Market has been experiencing significant growth due to the rising adoption of digital technologies in the healthcare, education, retail, commercial, tourism, transportation, infrastructure, and hospitality industries, which plays a significant role in the Global Digital Signage Market size that is expected to reach USD 23.02 billion in 2023 and at a CAGR of 10.00% to reach USD 51.23 billion by 2030.

The forthcoming International Digital Signage Conference in Riyadh is poised to address the surging demand for advanced digital signage solutions in the GCC region, driven by a plethora of expansive mega projects in various sectors, such as King Abdullah Economic City, the Kingdom Tower, Riyadh Medical City, King Saud University, King Abdulaziz International Airport, Saudi Landbridge rail project, and Riyadh Metro project.

Several digital signage companies have recognized this increasing demand for 4K and 8K displays and are actively expanding their operations in the region by investing in research and development to offer innovative solutions to their clients. Furthermore, where digital signage is no longer just a static medium but a dynamic and responsive tool that can adapt to the unique preferences and behaviors of individuals.

This confluence of factors positions Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the most suitable venue to host an international digital signage conference. The region's growing demand for high-resolution displays

The region's growing demand for high-resolution displays, the infusion of AI and IoT, and the government's dedication to smart city development create a fertile ground for industry experts and innovators.

Saudi Arabia offers the most important potential buying market in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Through Vision 2030, a government-supported initiative aimed at reducing the country's dependence on oil through economic improvement and diversification, Saudi Arabia remains committed to transforming its economy and luring new business in addition to the continuous economic raising and diversification.

Our Speakers

Anas Mosa

Director of Information Technology Public Investment Fund (PIF)

Eng. Mohammed Mahnashi

Digital Transformation Advisor
Saudi Electronic University (SEU)

Mohammed Almilhim

Marketing Advisor

Sultan Shalakhti

Head of Design & UX

Samyukta Nair

Director and Board Member

Suryakant Goyal

Head Project Management Office, Delivery, Software Development and IT Services
Eqleed Group

Eng. Usama Ahmed

Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation
Council of Health Insurance

Mohammad Midani

Head of Marketing

Mohanned Al Rahman

Head of Design
Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources

Our Objective's

Our Objective's

Innovate and Inspire:

Fostering creativity and innovative solutions

Elevate Advertising:

Transforming the advertising industry landscape

Connect and Network:

Bringing professionals and businesses together

Global Expansion:

Supporting international business growth

Thought Leadership:

Leading with innovative ideas and expertise

Regional Collaboration:

Promoting collaboration across regions

Advance the Industry:

Driving progress within the industry

Economic Impact:

Economy due to a new activity

Sustainability Initiatives:

Improve commuting efficiency

Our Objective's

Key Highlight's

Inspirational Keynote Speakers:

Featuring renowned thought leaders

Exhibitor Showcase:

Discover innovative products and services

Facilitating Networking:

Connect with industry professionals.

Hybrid Event:

Experience the event in-person and online

Panel Discussion:

Engage in insightful conversations.

Workshops/Case Studies:

Celebrating industry achievements.

One-to-One Meetings:

Arrange personalized meetings.

Brand Lunch:

Enjoy networking in a relaxed setting.

Digital Signage Providers:

Interconnected digital displays.

Telecommication Providers:

Provided telephone and similar services.

Digital Signage Associations:

Message to an audience

Technology Companies:

Innovating the world and improving our lives.

Digital Marketing Firms:

Principle of assisting customers.

Advertising Agencies:

Promotion and marketing for its clients.

Event And Venue Operator:

Event and its associated venues..


Focused on a single product or service.

Display And Hardware Manufacturers:

Typically directed by the software to execute.

Who Will Attend

CXOs, VPs, Directors:

Top-level executives.

International Business Consultants:

Members from Govt & Ngo's.

Directors & Heads Of Government and Municipal Bodies:

Leaders in public administration.

Hospitality Industry:

Representatives from the hospitality sector.


Architects and design professionals.

Real Estate Developers:

Professionals involved in real estate development.

Networking Enthusiasts:

Individuals with a passion for networking and connections.


Developing Business Ideas.

Media Companies:

Networking And Marketing.

Conference Topics

  • Innovative Partnerships: How Startups Integrate Insurtech with Cutting-edge Digital Signage
  • Revolutionizing Businesses: A Journey Towards Sustainability and Customer-Centric Excellence through the integration of Robotic Process Acceleration (RPA) and Digital Signage
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Industry-Specific Applications
  • Smart Cities and Infrastructure
  • Digital Signage – The Salesman who never sleeps
  • The Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Signage Transforming User Experience
  • The Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Signage: Transforming User Experiences.
  • Emerging Technologies: AR and VR in Digital Signage for Immersive Information Experiences
  • Audience Engagement Strategies
  • Innovative Technologies
  • Content Personalization

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